The Best Thing

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” – Charles Dickens

Bryan Stow is a San Francisco Giants fan. In 2011, Mr. Stow was brutally beaten by fans of a rival team. Since that terrible day, Mr. Stow has had multiple lingering medical issues. Coinciding with those issues were mounting medical bills.

Tim Flannery is the recently retired third base coach of the San Francisco Giants. In his Major League playing and coaching career, Tim has achieved magnificent heights, including being a part of the team that has won three of the last five World Series. Aside from baseball, his other passion is music. Tim fronts a band called The Lunatic Fringe, and has been lucky enough to perform with such legends as Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead. To say that Tim Flannery has achieved a lot of great things would be an understatement.

In a recent episode of MLB Network’s series MLB Presents, the show spotlighted the work that Tim Flannery did on behalf of Bryan Stow. This included a series of benefit concerts that Tim and his band put on to help raise money for Stow’s medical care. In one instance, Flannery related that he raised $95,000 for Stow. Fighting through tears when discussing it, Flannery called this like the best thing he’s ever done.

Tim Flannery played 11 season of Major League Baseball. He coached in the Major Leagues for 15. He played in a World Series and coached in several. Yet, when he reflects on the best thing he’s ever done, it didn’t involve personal accolades. It was something he did for somebody else that needed it. It wasn’t his playing or coaching career. It wasn’t the rings or trophies. It was a benefit to assist a person in need.

As I watched Tim Flannery choke out that phrase through a mist of tears, I couldn’t help but try to think of what the best thing I’ve ever done is. As far as I can tell (aside from my amazing son) I haven’t done it yet. I sincerely hope, though, that it’s something as selfless as what Tim Flannery did. We all have the opportunity to do great things, but we get bogged down in the minutiae of personal gain.

Here’s what I am advocating: do something great for someone that needs it and see if it doesn’t change the entire perspective of what the best thing you’ve ever done is. The needy are plentiful (unfortunately) and doing things like volunteering, mentoring, or coaching cost nothing but your time. It is certainly a great thing to be able to reflect upon personal accomplishments, but try to imagine the joy in the reflection of the face of those who truly need a lift.

What is or will be the best thing you’ve ever done?

Have an awesome Tuesday,


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