short-hOPTIMISM is the product of an abundance of conversations between Noah Welte and Aaron Moore sharing ideas, seeking advice, and delving deeper into uncovering a richer understanding of our true purpose in life and as coaches.

Our vision is to develop positive personal relationships built through love and a common pursuit of striving to become the best version of ourselves every single day.  Our mission is to provide daily (sometimes more than daily) words of wisdom or inspiration that will offer perspective, hope, and love to those who read these messages.  Our purpose is for our messages to reach and inspire as many people as possible, so that they may likewise share these same messages with others to become as enriched as we have.

As we seek to execute our vision, mission, and purpose through the words on these pages, we recognize the responsibility and influence that our present opportunities provide for us to exhibit effective and positive leadership.  We strongly welcome those opportunities and the platform that we have been given to serve as mentors and teachers to those who read these messages and those young adults whose lives we are privileged to be a part of through the game of baseball.  We draw our inspiration from a wide variety of people and sources, and we will seek to provide the proper recognition for those people throughout as they have had a strong hand in guiding us along our path.

We greatly anticipate sharing our ideas with you, but more importantly learning new things from each one of you.  Therefore, we encourage you to comment, reach out to us with ideas, questions, concerns, or feedback, or share any ways that our messages have helped enrich your life or brought a smile to your face.  We look forward to sharing our vision with you.


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