“Momentum? Momentum is the next day’s starting pitcher.” – Earl Weaver​

You may believe, like I believed, that forming a new habit takes about 21 days. Maybe you’ve heard a month. Upon doing a little digging,though, that number is actually more like 66. 66 days. Over 2 months. That’s how long it would take us to make something like exercising or watching what we eat a habit. 66 stinking days.

That means that if I want to reach a point where exercising regularly is a part of who I am, I need to do it consistently for two months first.

This time of year is rife with folks (me included) bent on making positive personal changes. How many of us will reach that 66 day plateau, though? How many of us will eat berries, leaves, and twigs for about four days and then call it quits? It’s certainly easier to quit, says I, as I sit here eating carrots for dessert instead of chocolate pudding. However, in the past couple days, I have added exercise as a part of my daily routine and have watched what I am eating. I’ve cut back on junk and unnecessary snacks. That, my friends, is called momentum.

What legendary baseball manager Earl Weaver is saying about momentum in the quote I chose for today is that momentum is only as good as its ability to continue to draw you forward. As I was researching effective exercise methods, I came across an excellent blog by Coach Stevo about momentum and goal setting. The refrain in this piece is “All that matters is momentum.” In essence, until we decide to put that first foot in front of the other one, we will accomplish precisely nothing. However, we can accomplish awesome things if we’re willing to make that first move. “All that matters is momentum.”

The idea, then, would be to create enough momentum to where the positive change you wish to see in yourself reaches the 66 day milestone and becomes habitual. I know I’m not alone in doing one of the following:

• Setting giant, sweeping goals across multiple spectrums and achieving none.
• Starting something and not seeing it through.

As it pertains to setting “giant, sweeping” goals, momentum isn’t necessarily measurable, so the size of your goal is irrelevant to it. All that matters is making the effort to push forward.

RE: starting and not following up, this is something I know far too much about. Again, I doubt I’m alone. What happens to me a lot is that I reach a point where I think, “I haven’t done this in so long now that it doesn’t even matter anymore,” and I lay the goal to rest. Momentum, once started, can’t be stopped. It can be slowed, sure, but allow yourself the opportunity to allow that momentum to get rolling for you again.

Here’s to hoping those resolutions we’ve made are met with the same desire in making them come to life. “All that matters is momentum.” Let’s get moving.

Have an awesome Tuesday,


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