Daily Short-hOPT: Go Inspire Yourself

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau

I’ve been racking my brain all week trying to come up with a good next post, and I keep coming up empty. I last posted on August 1st, darn near a week ago. I keep coming back to the same point: nothing is inspiring me to write. I’ve been poring over social media, which is usually a good accelerant for the writing process. I’ve been reading the news. I’ve been listening and conversing with people. Nothing. No inspiration. Nada. It’s been a real bummer. This morning, as I continued to try to come up with a great, new angle or blog idea, it hit me: I need to inspire myself.

I just Googled “inspire yourself”. Apparently, my “Inspire Yourself” idea is not unique. Okay, whatever. I thought it was cool. It doesn’t make it any less poignant. Regularly, in my own life, I have sat back and waited to be inspired instead of inspiring myself and then, in turn, inspiring others. (FYI, I’ve used the word “inspire” or a derivative 5 times in 3 sentences. That’s a lot.) That’s not cool. We can’t always just chillax and hope that something will come our way that gets us off our butts and into the game. We need to make our own way, and live the lives we’ve imagined, to steal from Thoreau.

This handy little wikihow article lists 8 ways to inspire yourself. Among them, Trust Yourself stands out to me immediately. Trust your instincts and stop being afraid to fail……


Okay, if I’m being 100% honest, that last sentence almost made me barf. Not that I don’t believe it, I just hate that I wrote it. That’s not something I would say or even write, necessarily. In that instance, I felt like someone trying to portray a person who writes motivational posts…you know, not an actual person who actually does it. Like, maybe if I was asked to write something like Tony Robbins would write, I would have written that. I like Tony Robbins, but I’m not Tony Robbins. Ugh. In my effort to pump something out today, I started off with a solid idea and could feel it starting to fall flat after the second paragraph. So, in that regard, I failed. Quoting a wikihow? Come on, man.

However, I did manage to put some words on digital paper and was successful in inspiring myself to write something. The point remains the same, and I do believe in it. Sometimes you can’t wait to let others motivate you. Sometimes you have to kick yourself in the arse and get rolling.

What do you want?
What are your goals?
Where do you want to be?

To answer those questions, you’ve got to get inspired to do more about them than waiting for someone else to push you.

Go inspire yourself.

Have an awesome Wednesday,

P.S. – The irony of me writing a post attempting to inspire the reader to inspire themselves is not lost on me.


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