Daily Short-hOPT: What’s Your Investment?

“Invest in yourself.  You can afford it.  Trust me.” – Rashon Carraway

As I listened to Cincinnati sports talk radio this week, I heard many conversations surrounding the Joey Votto injury.  Inevitably, the discussion turned toward the 10-year, $225 million contract he signed prior to last season.  (Don’t worry.  This is not a post discussing the merits of the deal or even the Reds for that matter.)  Experts were brought in to speak about the investment Cincinnati made in Votto and speculated as to the return on investment (ROI) the team was likely to see over the contract’s life.

Those topics got me thinking about coaching, leadership, success, and more importantly, personal/player development.  As I reflected on this, I began to remember all of those players I coach who tell me about their dreams of playing in the collegiate ranks and even beyond.  I thought about all of those people with aspirations of earning high salaries or climbing the food chain at their company.  Those people who continually state they want to lead a healthier lifestyle jumped into my mind.

If you are one of these or another thousand similar scenarios looking for that big ROI, I have one simple question for you…


In order to get something out of this world, we have to put something into it.  We cannot expect those lofty dreams to arrive on our doorstep.  They take time.  They take hard work.  They take investment.

Athletes, my coaching colleagues and I continually hear you say things like “I want to get better,” “I want more playing time,” “I want to play at the next level.”  What are you investing now to earn those things?  Those three to four ground balls in a pre-game infield are not going to cut it.  That thirty minute hitting lesson one day a week is not enough.  Those two rounds of 10 during BP will not get it done.  When was the last time you asked your coach to stay after practice and hit you ground balls or fly balls?  Have you checked to see if someone could meet you at the cage to throw you some BP?  When was the last time you pulled out the batting tee except when forced to at practice?  Your coaches are ready, willing, and able to do these things for you.  Your coaches are waiting for you to pursue your dreams as passionately as you say you want them.  Your coaches are waiting on you to ask.

In my experience, the great players and the great workers are the ones who go beyond the call of duty.  They work harder and are willing to stay later.  They take on more responsibilities and projects.  They volunteer and ask to help out in any way possible.  They make themselves available.  They do it with no agendas other than a passion to be their best every single day.  They know that by making themselves the best it will better serve their team or their company.

Take a look internally.  What are your dreams?  What is your vision?

Do your investments line up with the pursuit of those dreams?

It is time to get to work.  It is time to start dreaming bigger.  It is time to start investing more.

It is easy to say you want it.  How much are you willing to invest in yourself to get there?

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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