The Scoop: Mental Bricks

“The day she let go of the things that were weighing her down was the day she began to shine the brightest.” – Katrina Mayer

Last summer for a post-game talk with the Kentucky Bucs summer team I helped coach, I carried a cinder block out with me.  We had been having a rough summer in terms of wins and losses, and an even more difficult summer in terms of handling adversity.  With each passing day, I could see the build-up of frustration in their play, but more importantly, in their effort and body language.

Drawing upon an inspiration I obtained through my reading and research on performance psychology, positivity, and leadership, I trudged out to the post-game circle with this cinder block after less than stellar effort.  Amid the long faces, scowls, and defeated looks, the players began to look at me, and mainly, the cinder block, wondering what in the world was about to happen.  What I shared with the team went something like this:

Imagine for a moment that this cinder block is a brick (because it was all I could find).  How long do you think you could play with this brick in your back pocket?  For five minutes?  Ten?  Perhaps, even for thirty minutes or an hour, we could probably hold this and feel fairly comfortable, right?  (Heads nodding.)  Now, how would you feel as you start to hold that brick for multiple hours or a day even?  It starts getting heavier, right?  (More nodding.)  What about if we bring it back to the park with us each day and carry it for a week, a month, or dare I say, an entire summer season?  It will likely really start to weigh us down then, right?  We will have to struggle a little more as we deal with its weight.

Every error you make is a brick.  Every poor at-bat is a brick.  Every bad pitch or bad throw is a brick.  Every loss is a brick.  Not in the physical sense, but they are mental bricks that are holding you down.

Now, you have a choice.  You can take that brick, tuck it nicely into your back pocket, and hang onto it, OR you can take that brick, chuck it (I literally threw the cinder block away as far as I could.  Not far.), and play free.  Right now, you are making the choice to hang onto your brick.  It is weighing you down, and I can see it on everyone’s face.  It is causing you to play slow, play timid, and play worse.

My suggestion is to let go of your brick.  Throw it away.  It is doing you no good.  It is holding you down.  It is YOUR choice.

So, what is holding you down?  What mental brick are you carrying with you throughout your day, your week, your month, your life?  How well is that working out for you?

Let it go.  Chuck your brick away from you as far as you can.  Live your life light and free.  Do not let the unnecessary burdens of life weigh you down and hold you back.

You made a mistake.  So what?  You did not get the promotion.  That’s ok.  You lost a game, a deal, a sale.  Who cares?

The next opportunity is waiting on you.  It is urging you to fight onward and be ready.  Do not be weighed down by the missed opportunities that you are unable to get to your next chance.

Life hands us a lot of bricks.  Life also hands us a lot of opportunities.  You have a choice.  Hold onto them and let the weight continually drag you down, or throw it to the side and take on our next opportunity light and fully prepared.

What choice will you make?

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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