Daily Short-hOPT: Do It Right!

“Laziness is a secret ingredient that goes into failure. But it’s only kept a secret from the person who fails.” – Robert Half

My wife and I have similar stories about doing chores when we were growing up. A common theme was our mothers asking us what kind of job we did on a particular chore. For example, Amber’s mom would ask if she cleaned it “your way or my way”. “My way” obviously infers doing it the right way, which I can assure you was not how I did it on multiple occasions. Carlita can vouch for that.

An hour or so ago I walked up to the printer at work and noticed an error message stating that the toner needed to be changed. No big, I went to the supply room, got the toner, and came back to switch that bad boy out. When I got to the printer, though, it was running full bore. I asked the folks standing there if they had already switched it out, but they said no. Apparently if you just shake the toner bottle a little bit it will print for a little while longer. Sigh.

When I was doing those chores growing up, I 100% hated doing them. I had better things to do like playing ball with my friends, who were already outside having what I can only assume was the time of their lives (or it just seemed that way because I was stuck inside). They were shooting hoops, I was wiping down baseboards. And, if I didn’t do it correctly, I was wiping down baseboards for a second time. This isn’t to say that my folks were cruel. Don’t get that twisted. They were teaching lessons that I wasn’t in the mood to learn. What I was missing then that is crystal clear now is this: do things the right way. If you can’t do them the right way the first time, chances are you’ll end up having to do them again. Further, the older we get, the less opportunities may come our way when we can’t perform up to par.

As it pertains to my toner story, sure, if you shake the toner bottle, you will get a few extra pages out of it. The end to that little story was that they shook it, printed what they needed, and then walked away. What if I wasn’t going to change the toner? They just left it for someone else to do. Aside from being generally inconsiderate, it’s such a half-assed way to operate. Had they taken the two minutes it takes to replace a toner cartridge, they could have gotten their prints and left things in a manner where others could have, too.

Quite possibly I’m just all up in arms because I was the one who had to replace the damned toner. Could be. I’m just looking at it from a larger perspective. Take the time and have the integrity to do the right things well.

And for the love of all things Holy, replace the toner. Don’t just shake the bottle like a nerd.

Have an awesome Tuesday,



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