Daily Short-hOPT: What Is All This Crap? (Part II)

On November 24, 2013, in the very infancy of this blog, I wrote a post entitled “What Is All This Crap?“. In that post, I explained a little bit about what Noah and I were doing and listed some stats to show the progress we had made to date. As of that writing, our blog had generated the following:

2000 blog page views
Views from 7 different countries
100 followers on Twitter

As of this morning, we have generated: 

11,000+ page views
Views from 24 countries
559 followers on Twitter
178 Facebook likes (since setting up a Facebook page yesterday)

As I prefaced in the original “Crap” post, I’m not relaying this info to boast, rather to say thanks and show appreciation for the motivation to keep it going. We’ve received so many compliments for our posts, and it’s quite humbling. Whenever anyone who reads our posts mentions something about it to me, it tells me that what we are doing is making a difference, if even in a small way. 

Personally, the blog has given me a creative outlet and has allowed me to look at things in a much different light. Putting something you’ve created out in the world can be both exciting and really scary, so I’m thankful for the positive feedback and support. For those of you that have kept up with us along the way, it cannot be overstated how much we appreciate it. For me, even one page view for one of my posts makes me feel like John Grisham, so the success we’ve had is still mind blowing to me. 

Noah and I started this thing because we felt like we had some things to say and that they’d be better served being put out into the world. This is more or less an extension of the conversations we were having between ourselves. This was something we aspired to do, and it happened by making ourselves to do it. There have been a handful of people who have advised that this has inspired them to start a blog of their own. I think that’s awesome. So, let this hopefully provide the push you need. Do it. Do it now. WordPress, Blogger, and the like couldn’t be easier to set up and use. If this is something you want to do, it’s time to get moving. No excuses. Set it up, start typing, share it. It’s that simple. 

Thank you all for following along. It means the world to us. 

(Thanks to my uncle, Herald Hensley, for the prompt.) 

Have an awesome Saturday,



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