Daily Short-hOPT: Here We Go Again

“Any fact facing us is not as important as our attitude toward it, for that determines our success or failure.” – Norman Vincent Peale

It’s Monday. Time to get excited. 
After a great weekend, here we are again: Monday. Back to the proverbial grind, if you will. Mondays and Tuesdays are days of the week where I really have to talk myself into positivity, optimism, and motivation. So, as I’ve done before, here are a handful of reasons why today is a fantastic day. 

1.) We’re alive! We woke up this morning, and that means another day, or another opportunity to get and be better. Work on it. Don’t let a “case of the Mondays” be a crutch. Get moving. 

2.) We have people that love and care about us. We have people that need and depend on us. Use today as an opportunity to let those people know that the feeling is reciprocated. 

3.) The start to a new week means another opportunity to get started on something you’ve been wanting to do but have pushed off for whatever reason. No better time than now. Get started. Set a goal, and use today as step 1 to achieving it. 

4.) What better than the trials and tribulations of a Monday morning to test resiliency? It’s early. You’re in a crap mood. This provides a perfect opportunity to work on attaining and maintaining a positive mindset. If you can make that happen through the mental fog of Monday morning, you can begin to realize what you’re truly capable of. 

Yes, it’s early. Sure, you’d still like to be in bed. Of course, the weekend flies by. However, Monday morning = back to reality. Here’s to making the most of it. 

Have an awesome Monday,


Did you find this post to be totally radical and tubular? Well, good news for you, pal. There’s plenty more where that came from. Share this one with your buds and read more at shorthoptimism.wordpress.com, and follow us on twitter @short_hOPT.


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