Daily Short-hOPT: If Anyone Can Get It…

“QB at The University of Kentucky. I play football but that doesn’t define me… If anyone can get it, I dont want it… Humble & Hungry…” – Drew Barker – @D_Barker7

I came across Drew Barker’s (University of Kentucky quarterback) Twitter profile last evening via some @Conner_Baseball tweets, and I couldn’t be more impressed with the words on his profile. (Not trying to creep on ya, Mr. Barker. Just hoping to use you as an excellent example.) So, as Coach Kent Murphy would say, let’s break this down from a fundamental standpoint. 

First, he advises that he plays football, but that it’s not what defines him. Fantastic. People always ask what others do for a living. I work at a bank, but I don’t consider myself a banker. That just sounds weird to me. (Seriously, don’t call me a banker.) I coach baseball, but that title alone is far too insignificant for my aspirations in that capacity. (Feel free to call me Coach. Makes me feel like Craig T. Nelson.) Working at a bank and coaching baseball are things I do, not who I am. I truly believe we are not simply what we do. We are so much more. Well, at least we should be. For a young athlete to maintain that perspective is exemplary, and it’s a perspective we should all hope to obtain. 

Next, he uses the phrase “If anyone can get it, I dont want it.” What separates those that succeed from those that simply get by is desire, will, and drive. Over the last decade I’ve had the pleasure of coaching a ton of extremely talented kids, many of whom moved on to college athletics. I’ve coached a good number of kids with equal talent but far less drive. I’ll let you figure out which ones made it the farthest. The good ones take extra reps, practice like their hair is on fire, and expect greatness. They expect greatness because they’ve prepared for greatness. They’ve earned the opportunity for greatness through effort. Not everyone can achieve greatness, but everyone can try for it. But, chances are, if everyone can achieve it, it’s not great. It’s common. 

Remember who and what you are. You decide what defines you.

If something is simple enough for everyone to attain, reach for more. Push yourself toward greatness. 

Have an awesome Friday,

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