Daily Short-hOPT: Easier to Criticize

“It is a lot easier to criticize a leader than it is to be one.” – Kevin Bille

A few days ago, I came across this tweet from @CoachBille:

“It is a lot easier to criticize a leader than it is to be one.”

Pretty sweet, right? I retweeted it. I felt good about it. I agreed with it. As a coach, a leader of young men, I have been taken to task multiple times by parents or players. I’ve been questioned, I’ve been second guessed, and I’ve been read the proverbial riot act. In over a decade of coaching, these instances were the exception rather than the rule, but they stung each time. Couldn’t these people see how much I cared about their kids? Couldn’t they see the hours and effort put forth? Who were they to doubt me? In each of these instances, it was easy for me to say, “if you think it’s so easy, why don’t you try it?” After retweeting that tweet, though, I think I’ve changed my tune.

Saying it’s easier to criticize than it is to lead is kind of a cop out, isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I still believe in the man in the arena, but if you’re going to lead you had better be prepared to take some criticism. Of course everyone thinks they can do it better than you. But they don’t. That’s they key: they don’t. You are the one working tirelessly. You are the one that earned the opportunity. You know your heart and your intentions. You know your capabilities.

Every leadership position comes with a level of scrutiny. If you’re willing to take the reins, you’d better be prepared to take some doubt. Sure, it’s easier to sit back and point out flaws of those in charge than it is to lead. However, as leaders, we need to remind ourselves that we are capable and remain confident. Expect some criticism, allow for some constructive input, and move forward. Let’s not set up excuses and “why don’t you try it?” rejoinders for times when we are under the microscope. Remember why we do what we do and pull in those that matter even closer.

Have an awesome Tuesday,


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