Daily Short-hOPT: Time’s Up, Pencils Down!

“Take time for deliberating, but when the time for action comes, stop thinking and go in.” – Napoleon Bonaparte

From the middle of October through the middle of December, I was a man on a mission. I committed myself every day to doing my P90X workouts. Day by day, I would arrive at work early or stay late to utilize the open office space I had to do push-ups, kicks, downward dogs, and whatever other crazy component Tony Horton was screaming at me to do through my computer screen. I packed my lunch, ate well, and felt stronger each day.

As I shifted into my new job and into new surroundings, I found it increasingly difficult to keep up with my workouts. The truth of the matter is that I probably was not being intention (as I discussed yesterday), but as the months have passed, I have committed less time to living my preferred healthy lifestyle than I would like. Sure, I have gone to the gym on a semi-regular basis, taken some lengthy walks, and done my best to maintain the work I had done, but I have not as committed.

Over the last few weeks, I have found myself sitting at my desk after work and jotting down notes about some of the changes that I would like to make. Less soda, more fruits, more veggies, wake early, workout in mornings, etc. I have written down meal ideas that I could enjoy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that would be far more beneficial than over-indulging at the all-you-can-eat cafeteria at my job. I have prepared and prepared and prepared. Then, why, oh why have I failed to execute?

We have all been in this situation, right? We have a great idea of what we want to accomplish. We develop an amazing and foolproof plan that will allow us to accomplish it. Then, we neglect to pull the trigger in acting on it.

Well, let me challenge those of you in this position today. Stop deliberating. You have done enough. You are ready. Your plan will work. Put the pen down and stop the note-taking. Put the plan in action. Get to work.

But, most of all, trust yourself and commit yourself. Believe in yourself. Set the sights on your goal and go get it. Make any necessary adjustments along the way, but never lose sight of the goal. You can do it.

Day by day, build on your commitment. Hold yourself accountable. Stop thinking about what ifs and cants. Dedicate yourself to the process, and you will succeed.

Your deliberation and preparation has been worth it. The time is now to execute and show yourself how much.

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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