Daily Short-hOPT: Being Intentional

“We are what we repeatedly do.  Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” – Aristotle

As you may have noticed, it has been twelve days since there has been a new blog post on this site.  I have received several inquiries as to why and even some requests that I post something new.  I have spent a little bit of time thinking about why it took a dozen days to return to posting.

I started by thinking that we could just call it a “Spring Break” of sorts.  Calling it this would enable us to state that we were taking some time off to refresh and gather some new ideas.  Then, we could start fresh as if we had picked it back up the day after we left off.

I then began thinking about why I had not posted.  The fact of the matter is that I had a lot of things going on.  I have been busy with work and do not have internet access at my apartment yet, which could potentially complicate ease and convenience of posting.

Then, I began thinking about questions regarding what I had to write about.  As I think back, most of the posts evolved due to things that were occurring throughout our days.  Maybe, I was not inspired, or maybe, I just did not have anything to that struck me as blogworthy.

As I continue into this reflection, I realized that there was a lesson to be learned in why there have been no blog posts lately.  There is only one true and authentic reason that kept coming into my mind.  I was not being intentional.

Time and time again, we have made statements on this blog about how optimism and living a positive life takes work.  There is no Easy Button when it comes to doing the right thing.  Every day people are fighting this battle.

We want to do the right thing, but over and over, things get in the way.  Life becomes hard, we are too busy, and the easier thing to do is go away and hide.  Doing the right thing requires that we stand up and do the dirty work when necessary, even if it is not always the easiest thing to do.

When you believe in something, you must be intentional about pursuing it.  If you are passionate about it, you make time and continue to work for it.  When you love it, you spend every day thinking about it, being inspired by it, and embracing it to the very core of how you live your daily life.

There is nothing I believe in more than striving to be your best on a daily basis.  That does not happen by taking days off, by taking plays off, by taking pitches off.  Whenever you start getting closer and closer to making a difference, there are that many more people there waiting to see you fail.  You have to continue to be intentional about making a difference.

Today, I have made a challenge to myself and will make the same challenge to you.  Every day, be intentional with what you believe and what you love.  Whether that is work, family, relationships, or anything else in your life, your responsibility is to be intentional in making it a positive interaction.  Be intentional in making every interaction more positive than you left it.

We started this blog to make a difference in the lives of those who read it and in our own lives.  Becoming the best version of ourselves and encouraging others to do the same is not something that we like to do, but something that we are strongly passionate about.  Doing this requires more than talking about it and writing about it, whenever something jumps up and smacks us in the face.

It requires being intentional about spreading that message.  It requires being intentional about living our life as an example of what we preach.  It requires being intentional with each word, each thought, each action.  It requires being intentional in bringing your best each and every day…until it becomes a habit.

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


2 thoughts on “Daily Short-hOPT: Being Intentional

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