Daily Short-hOPT: Always Something Bigger

One of my buddies is a Michigan State University fan. I’ve recently expressed to him my admiration for one of their basketball players, Adreian Payne. If you haven’t heard yet, Mr. Payne befriended a young girl battling cancer. Their story has been told time and again, and rightfully so. It’s amazing. I was saddened to learn from my friend this morning that this young lady, Lacey, has passed on. 

I sat at my desk this morning choking back tears as I re-read the story of Adreian and Lacey and watched a video of a speech Michigan State’s coach, Tom Izzo, gave about the two. (Watch the video. It’s worth the 7 minutes.) I don’t know Lacey or her family. I don’t know Mr. Payne or Tom Izzo. I can’t imagine what they’re feeling this morning. This story has struck such a nerve with me, as I’m sure it has countless others. Maybe it’s my son that makes this hit home for me. Maybe it’s the fact that a future millionaire, who has had an arduous path of his own, has done such an incredible job of being an ally to a struggling young person that struck such a chord for me. Mostly, though, I think it’s the perspective that this entire scenario provides. There’s always something bigger at work. 

It’s so easy to get caught up in things that, in the big scheme of it all, don’t really matter. We put time and energy into things like sports and entertainment, or we let petty things present obstacles in our lives that are just hindrances and distractions. All the while, there are real people battling real things. There are real people helping these people along their way. We lose sight of tangible things and people that actually matter. 

Adreian and Lacey’s story is one that should be honored, respected, and repeated. Perspective is something that we should all strive to seek and maintain in our daily lives. This isn’t a “somebody’s always got it worse” cop out. This is a call to action. This is an urging to get better and be better. This is a suggestion that we all have our struggles, but true character is shown through how we uplift and care about others. 

Rest in Princess Lacey, and may God bless and keep her family and those close to her. 

Have an awesome Wednesday,



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