Daily Short-hOPT: I Forgot The Process

“Accountability: actions toward or involving others that reflect the integrity of the person you want to be.” – Unknown

Literally one day after I wrote a post about believing in and trusting the process, I completely lost sight of the process. 

In a game against an opponent that we were better than, we found a way to allow eight runs in one inning. There were multiple errors, both mental and physical. There were a couple walks sprinkled in. There were two or three Texas leaguers that didn’t help matters. In an attempt to light a fire under my team, I pulled them down the left field line after this inning and really gave them the business. I inferred that they were mentally weak and lacked any intestinal fortitude. We went on to win by a large margin, but the win ended up feeling like a loss. 

For a while, I felt justified in my tirade. They were playing like crap. They appeared to be playing scared. They looked robotic. The bench guys weren’t into the game. We were flat, flat, flat. A couple hours after the game, though, I started thinking it over and I realized that everything I said went completely against what I was preaching to them. So, I chose to take accountability for my actions. 

I felt like I needed to address it and make amends. I wrote up a letter which I passed out before our next game that told them the following:

• The process means getting better every day and taking everything one pitch at a time. 
• I had lost sight of the process, and my words could have been chosen much better. 
• I was proud of all of them for the progress they’ve made and continue to make. 
• I love them all and believe in them. 

Part of my own process is learning patience and sticking to the gameplan. This means not jumping the gun and freaking out when the growing pains pop up. It also means that I have to be accountable when I don’t practice what I preach. What I hope I imparted to a group of young men was patience, accountability, and humility. 

As far as our team is concerned, I hope they remember the process. As far as I’m concerned, I will be better today than I was yesterday, which is also part of the process.

Have an awesome Thursday,



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