Daily Short-hOPT: Forget Your Grudges

“Holding a grudge is letting someone live rent-free in your head.” – Unknown

When I was a kid, there was this kid that I played basketball against that I could not stand. We played this team often in AAU ball, and I always had it out for him. He fouled me hard once early and said something to me. I took it personally and never really forgot about it. Every chance I got, I would set a hard screen, offer an extra shove or elbow, and even fouled him hard a few times.

After one of our games, I was complaining about how I just absolutely could not stand this kid. I was like twelve years old, and i had been holding onto this grudge with him for a few summers.

My mom basically told me to knock it off. She told me that I really did not even know this kid except for on the court, and that he could even be my roommate one day. She was speaking more figuratively to illustrate a point. Her point was not to burn bridges and not hold grudges because you never know when you will cross paths with someone else.

We never ended up being roommates but I learned a valuable lesson that day.

Grudges hold us back. They force us to waste time on issues that do not matter. When we start doing things out of revenge due to a grudge, we say things we would not normally do and act in ways that are out of character. We let these people in our head, and we end up not being as effective as a result.

We have all held a grudge at some point in our life. We may have been mistreated by someone and we held onto it. Someone may have said something that we did not like, and we cannot wait for an opportunity at redemption.

By holding onto these, we are only hurting ourselves. We are creating unnecessary problems and worries in our head that we just do not need.

Whatever grudges you are holding right now, let them go. Get that person out of your head and go back to living your life freely. Choose to channel your energies toward something more productive and positive.

You will be better off for it.

Being your best today!

Love, Noah


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