The Scoop: The Extra Pass

“The extra pass and the extra effort always get the job done.” – Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Share the ball. Move it. Swing it. Hustle. Make the extra pass. Sprint back.

At this time of year, everyone goes crazy for basketball. March Madness is in full swing; people are tuning in to find out which upset hopefully doesn’t wreck their bracket; and, if you are from Kentucky, the Sweet 16 State Championship has occupied your attention.

If you have been watching games, you have heard coaches on sideline yelling, commentators and analysts discussing, or players in post-game interviews labeling some of the above words. More often than not, teams discussing their proficiency in these terms are the ones who are finding success.

In purely basketball terms, the extra pass leads to more open shots and easier shots, which generally allows a team to shoot a higher percentage from the field, which increases their chances of winning the game.

From my perspective as a coach, the extra pass means you are unselfish. The extra pass means you are looking for your teammates and team ahead of your own personal glory. The extra pass means that you want to share credit with your team and do whatever it takes to make your team the best it can possibly be on that day. The extra pass means we not me.

As I think about how this relates to life, I think we should always have “the extra pass” mentality.

We are in it for others and not selfishly forcing our own agenda. We will have the opportunity to take our own shots, but when the opportunity is better for a friend, a co-worker, family, or partner, that benefits us all. We need to work to get them the easy look by making that extra pass. We should work on having that “we not me” mentality.

Seek to make things easier for the greater good of your family, your relationship, your organization, or your employer. We are all working together toward common goals.

Just as in basketball, our common mission is five guys working together to score a team basket (not an individual one) on every possession. Our mission in life should be to work together to make every day the best possible day for each other. Our mission in our jobs should be to work together to complete projects in the best ways we can.

If we selfishly drive the lane, we may score on occasion, but more often than not, we meet a wall of obstacles that make the shot (or opportunity) more difficult. Take what is given to you and seek opportunities when the right ones are available. But, when they aren’t, by all means, make the extra pass and create an easier opportunity for someone else.

Your assist will not go unnoticed – in the box score or in life.

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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