The Scoop: Magic in Walla Walla

“Sometimes we get so caught up in life and great things begin to seem mediocre, but every once in a while magic happens… Something ordinary becomes extraordinary. Some call it a miracle, I call it fighting for our dreams, and when I say OUR dreams that’s the moment it becomes reality, because when you become willing to fight for your teams dream… Things happen, magic happens… Life doesn’t seem so mediocre anymore. It takes the right people to make magic, and those are my 16 teammates who are willing to fight for my dream every single day. ‘Everyday is a new beginning. Treat it that way. Stay away from what might have been, and look at what can be.'” – Sydni Wainscott

I found this quote attached as the caption to an Instagram photo last night. The author of this caption is a starting guard for the undefeated and number one ranked Thomas More College women’s basketball team. Thomas More departs at 8:00am tomorrow morning for Walla Walla, Washington to play in the Sweet Sixteen of the NCAA Tournament. Two wins and they will earn a trip to the Division III Final Four for a chance to play for a National Championship.

Those are the dreams. That is her dream, and the dream of everyone else on that team. That is the dream of everyone at the school. That is the dream of all alumni, especially those who donned the Lady Saints jersey in years past.

Her words speak to the essence of what it means to be a team. Everyone joining together to fight for one common goal. Everyone looking out for the best interests of everyone else instead of selfishly seeking their own glory. The personal glory is found in the glory of the team. That is where, as she says, the magic happens.

True teammates are those who will do whatever is needed for the good of the whole. They push each other to bring their best daily…in practice, in games, even off the court. They accept the roles that have been given to them, then do their best to flourish in that role for the good of the team. They fight for one another. They have each other’s backs. They hold each other accountable.

A true teammate is selfless. She does not need to put her needs first because she knows her needs are being protected by everyone else who goes into battle with her. She trusts her coaches and her teammates to put her in the best opportunities to succeed because that will in turn be the best for the team’s success.

There is something special brewing in Crestview Hills. A group of ladies who have a vision to be the best versions of themselves night in and night out, regardless of who steps on the floor. The competition is not against an opponent, but for one another. By focusing on the process of fighting for each other’s dreams, the final result on the scoreboard takes care of itself. A group of ladies who do not just remind us, but show us what it means to be true teammates.

There is no mediocrity in this story. These are no ordinary women. These are teammates doing great things for one another. These are teammates who have the support of the each other, their school, and their community.

We are all fighting for YOUR dreams. We are all looking forward to what can be. We all believe in the magic.

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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