Daily Short-hOPT: You CAN!

“Don’t let what you can’t do interfere with what you can.” – John Wooden

I suppose that I have always had ingrained in me the idea that I was able to accomplish anything to which I set my mind.  Opportunities to do many things were presented to me.  I got to play basketball with an AAU team where we traveled quite often and made the AAU National Tournament in 1993.  I got to play baseball in Lexington during my high school summers because competitive teams and leagues were not prevalent where I grew up.  Whatever I wanted to do, it has always been laid out for me that it is possible if I work hard enough to do it.

I have mentioned this before, but in my first year of coaching, our team wanted to be District Champions.  Many people said that we can’t do it.  Your small school can’t win.  Your small school can’t even compete.  I told my players that we can.  It would not be easy, but we can.  Those kids worked their tails off, and sure enough, they did.

Let me tell you this right now.  You can do whatever you want to do.

That does not mean that it will magically fall in your lap.  You may have to work really hard.  You may have to catch a fortuitous bounce or two.  You may have to make a lot of sacrifices.  But, those are choices that you have to make sometimes.

People love to define their life by “can’t.”  I can’t get afford that.  I can’t do that.  I can’t win.  I can’t catch a break.  I can’t quit my job.

But, we live in a negative world.  We live in a bubble.  We live in the comfort of what we have, then just complain or make excuses about why we do not have what we say we want.

We should live in a positive world.  We should live in a world without boundaries to our imagination.  We should live in a world where we do not place restrictions on our creativity and what we believe to be possible.  We should live in a world of “cans.”

We spend all of our time as kids, imagining all of these great things that we can be.  We believe we can be anything.  We act it out.  We pretend that we are superheroes as we fly through the house.  Our creativity runs wild.

As we get older, we get all of these people from all areas of the world telling us all the things we can’t do.  Why do we listen to them?  How do we go from thinking we can do anything to letting people convince us we can’t?

Instead, why are we not trying to prove ourselves right?  These are things we want to do, right?  When do we start switching the conversation from believing to doubting?

My challenge to you today is this:  Listen to that voice that was in  your head when you were a kid–the voice that said you can do anything.  Apply it what you are currently doing.  Apply it to what you want to do.  Maintain that belief.  Let it run wild inside your mind.  Allow it to help you flourish and achieve whatever it is you want to do.

Because you CAN!

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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