The Scoop: Winning and Losing

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” – Martin Luther King

Almost everyone is in a good mood when they are winning.  The view looks incredible from the top of the mountain and brings a smile to everyone’s face.  We celebrate, we share excitement and enthusiasm, we enjoy our moment in the sun.

However, not everyone wins well.  They may try to draw too much attention to the pedestal upon which they stand.  They may talk a little too much and not let the moment speak for itself.  They may brag and boast to the point of alienating others and deflecting from the achievement.

No one likes this kind of winner.  People prefer the winner who is humble, gracious, and generous in victory.  The one who shares credit, compliments a worthy opponent, and allows the moment to do all of the talking.  We love the winner who wins with class.

Conversely, we loathe losing.  I will be the first to admit as a coach that I do not like being on the wrong end of the scoreboard.  There was a time in my life where people could just look at my demeanor when I returned home after a game to see whether we won or lost.  Some of those moments were not my finer ones.  Losing and failure eat at us.  We may lose sleep, we may say things that could damage relationships, we feel as though we have let people and ourselves down.

May of these people fail to own their performance.  They choose to make excuses for why victory was taken away from them.  They place blame on others to find a scapegoat for the result.  They try to belittle the performance of the winners, using phrases like “He just got lucky” or “This will be his only good moment” or “He will never amount to anything.”  They talk about how they were cheated or how circumstances were unfair.

No one likes this kind of loser.  People prefer the loser who is honorable, gracious, and generous in defeat.  The one who acknowledges a worthy foe, accepts accountability for the day’s performance, and strives to learn from the moment to be better in the future.  We love the loser who loses with class.

How do you win?  How do you lose?  In life, like it or not, we will all be doing a little bit of each.  Think about how you might like someone to act towards us were the roles reversed.

Do them well, and no matter, which side of the score you are on, you will be emerging victorious.

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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