Daily Short-hopt: HAPPY MONDAY!

“We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails.” – Dolly Parton

Happy Monday! After getting over some type of head cold late last week, I contracted yesterday what can only be described as monkey pox/West Nile/Ebola/dysentery, and spent all day in bed/on the couch. Thankfully, I feel much better today, though still not 100%. But, as my friend Steve Abbot said just last night, things could always be worse. In that vein, here’s my Monday List of Things That Are Awesome:

1. Steve Abbott is almost at the halfway point of his cancer treatments, and his outlook is as bright as ever. He sent me a text last night to check in on Amber and I as he knew we both had the monkey-Nile-Ebola-dysentery-death situation going on. That’s right. A man going through radiation checked in on my silly little stomach virus. Like a boss.

2. I attended a surprise birthday party for my former baseball coach, Ken Niemeyer, Saturday. Aside from seeing him for the first time in a long time, I got to hang out with some folks that I also haven’t seen in a while, and some others that I don’t see enough.

3. I have an awesome family. As Amber and I spent all day feeling miserable yesterday, we got some much needed help from family members. My in-laws, Chris and Tonya Hurst, kept Judson most of the day so we could recover as much as possible. Also, my sister, Rene’e, on her birthday, delivered Gatorade, Pepto and Tylenol to us. That was a game-changer. Thank you, sister.

4. When Judson got home last night, he was so excited to see us. One of my favorite things ever is when he screams “Daddy!” and runs to me for a huge hug. I got that last night, and I needed it. I love that kid.

5. Every day I go to baseball practice, I get more and more encouraged about this current class of Juggernauts. While young and largely inexperienced as far as varsity baseball is concerned, I have high expectations for this group. They have unrealized potential. Time to help them realize it.

6. This blog is almost four months old and still going strong. Thank you for continuing to follow along.

So, today is Monday, and that’s rarely a good time. However, since Mondays are largely inevitable, we might as well figure out how to make the best of them. Compile your own list of awesomeness. Count the things and people that make you happy. Reflect on the good and either figure out how to fix the bad, or let go of it entirely.

Have an awesome Monday,



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