Daily Short-hOPT: It’s Monday. Get Happy!

“The habit of being happy enables one to be freed, or largely freed, from the domination of outward conditions.” – Robert Louis Stevenson

I woke up today in just a crap mood. I had just come off a long weekend. I was tired. I was not in the mood to work. When I got to work, things didn’t improve much. I had an inbox full of emails, a meeting right out of the gate, and was put on a project…all before 8 AM. Obviously, my mood was not positive, motivated, or optimistic. However, as my day came to a close, I started thinking about being home, seeing my wife and son, and relaxing at the house with my family. Now, I’m not feeling all sparkly and awesome right now, but after seeing a bit of light at the end of the rainbow, my mood has certainly lifted.

I’m definitely as guilty of this as anyone: having a bad day and taking it with you wherever you go. Let’s say you have had a “swell” day like I outlined above. If I allow myself to carry it with me, if I let my mood dictate my actions, the end result won’t be pretty. I will miss out on quality time with my son. I will miss out on quality time with my wife. I will finish the day being miserable, which is, in and of itself, a monumental waste of time. Further, my mood and actions will affect others, and that is wholly unfair. My family didn’t have a hand in my crappy day, so why should they bear the brunt of my bad mood?

Look, not all of us are fortunate enough to have jobs that we love. It’s just an unfortunate reality. Some of us, or more likely, a lot of us have to work for a living at a vocation that more chose us than we chose it. We have bills to pay, mouths to feed, etc. We need that paycheck, which means we need that job. Sometimes these jobs are, making a huge understatement here, less than fun. I get it. I’ve been there most of my life. It’s a means to an end. If you fall into this category, I’d like to make one suggestion: find something you love. Find a hobby. Read. Exercise. Write a blog (wink, wink). Focus on your family. Work on being a better mom, dad, husband, wife, or child. Find something that makes you so happy that you can’t wait to get to it when you leave that nine to fiver. Let that be your motivation.

I have found in my relatively short time on this earth that one of the easiest things you can do is allow negativity to consume your life. It’s also extremely easy to let one part of your life affect another. Find and maintain perspective. You’ve heard this a million times in a million different ways, but life really is too short and awesome to spend it being miserable.

We weren’t intended to be that.

Have an awesome Monday,




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