Daily Short-hOPT: One Day As A Lion

“It is better to live one day as a lion than 100 years as a lamb.” – Benito Mussolini

Some situations require true courage. My in-law and friend Steve Abbott displays true courage every day by fighting cancer like a boss. Our soldiers overseas show true courage by fighting every day for our freedoms. These are extreme and amazing cases of courage. That said, and in no way diminishing that, we can also show courage in other ways that don’t necessarily present real life and death challenges.

As I’ve written about before, I am a proponent of anti-bullying efforts. Displaying courage in this regard means having the guts to stand up for someone that can’t stand on their own. It means bucking the group mentality and standing, sometimes, alone. It means going outside the norm and disallowing the herd to punish the meek. In a school setting, where kids can often be harsh and downright ruthless, standing up for someone being bullied takes some immense balls (proverbially speaking, of course).

Switching gears, I had a conversation with a young man this morning who enjoys writing. He has signed on to be a contributing writer for a website that discusses sports. While writing and the writing process may seem banal to some (and while having a blog can come off as pretentious to others), those that endeavor in this process are taking great, courageous leaps. Even for a blog as low-key as this one, we have still gotten roughly 7,000 page views. That’s 7,000 chances for people to read our thoughts, which translates into 7,000 chances for us to be silently judged. Not that we mind, of course. Our intent is to have these things read, considered, and hopefully applied. That process can’t happen without figuratively exposing ourselves for all who stumble upon our words. Taking chances creatively provides the opportunity for expression. It also opens up some insecurity in those that choose to express themselves. Putting yourself out there in this fashion takes courage.

I applaud anyone that takes chances to pursue happiness or greatness. I commend those that are willing to step outside the lines and try something new or different. We have to be willing to put ourselves out there in order to progress. While remaining stagnant may work for some, we should laud and encourage those that are willing to stand apart for the greater good.

Better to be the lion than the lamb.

Have an awesome Tuesday,


My lion.


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