Daily Short-hOPT: Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

“Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don’t interfere.” – Ronald Reagan

In the early 1980’s, there was a cartoon called ‘Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends’. Spidey’s amazing buds were Ice Man and Firestar, and their powers resembled their names. Ice Man could produce ice, and if you guessed that Firestar could shoot fire, you nailed it. I don’t have this knowledge because I’m a Spider-Man fanatic, but my son is, and we’ve been watching this show on repeat for about a month now. Spider-Man can obviously do some pretty awesome things on his own. He has superhuman strength, he can shoot cool webs, climb buildings, etc. However, in all of these episodes, there is nothing that Spider-Man does solo. He always has the aid of his super pals, and it comes in handy frequently. 

That leads me to this…

I am a terrible delegator. I struggle with turning over tasks and responsibilities. I often feel like I am the only person that can correctly do what needs to be done. I’m wrong, of course, but I struggle with it nonetheless. What I have started realizing is that I can’t possibly do everything on my own. And, if I could, I’d rob others of the opportunity of contributing. On my baseball coaching staff, I have roughly 75 years of coaching experience. On the administrative side, I have my mom and sister, who have been doing the admin side of things for almost ten years. I have players in my program that have been around for five years. As former President Reagan advised, I’ve surrounded myself with excellent people, so delegating should be easy. 

The take-away here is that you need people, and people need you. You want people to (figuratively speaking) buy what you’re selling, which means you need to let them in. When you allow others to have at least a modicum of authority or responsibility, they can truly feel like a part of the product. When you make the effort to surround yourself with the best, there’s no reason to not let go of the reins a bit. Conversely, when you try to tackle everything solo, you lose credibility, take on all of the accountability, and deny the ability for others to prosper or have the opportunity to get better.

Even Spider-Man needs allies. Let your Ice Men and Firestars hop in on occasion. 

Have an awesome Wednesday,



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