Daily Short-hOPT: It’s Monday! Yippee!

“So. Monday. We meet again. We will never be friends—but maybe we can move past our mutual enmity toward a more-positive partnership.” ― Julio-Alexi Genao

I’ve written about Monday’s before. We’re not friends. Garfield the cat may be the only person I know that dislikes Mondays more than I. However, it’s a necessarily evil. It’s going to happen once a week whether I like it or not, so I might as well hop on board, right? Most Monday mornings, I sit in front of my computer screen at work and stare at it for a bit, trying to convince myself not to head-butt my monitor. Sound familiar? Let’s change that this Monday. Grab a cup of coffee, breathe, push forward. Below are some reasons why my Monday is and will be awesome whether I like it or not. Feel free to comment on why your day will also be great, regardless of which day of the week it may be. I can assure you it will be therapeutic.

– I woke up this morning. Pretty good in and of itself, right? I woke up in a warm house with a loving family. There is food in our cabinets and fridge. Things could certainly be worse.
– Yesterday was day three of six of our baseball camp. This morning I am reflecting on all of the positive comments we’ve gotten from parents about our camp and the job we do with those kids. I am also reflecting on the kids at the camp who are having a blast working on their game and getting better. I am thankful for the coaches that work this camp. They do a great job.
– Amber is making a cabin reservation today for a Jellystone Park trip this summer. Judson loves Jellystone. I love Guntown Mountain. Win-win.
– As of this writing, my work day is more than half over. I get to go home to my family in a few hours.

What are your reasons? Time to start your list. This day is pretty sweet. If you’re reading this, you’re alive. That’s pretty sweet. If your biggest problem today is that the weekend is over and today equals back to reality time, it’s time to put your big boy and girl pants on and face the day, which is again, you guessed it, pretty sweet.

Nice and simple today; just a general message of positivity. Recognize it, actualize it, pass it on.

Have an awesome Monday,




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