The Scoop: Knowing vs. Doing

“Knowing what to do is very, very different than actually doing it.” – Seth Godin

No one has all of the answers. We often encounter people who act as if they know everything or as if they are on a pedestal of entitlement above everyone else. People are able to talk a good game also.

Aaron and I share a lot of our opinions and beliefs with each one of you. Because of this, some people have expressed the idea that we believe that we are above others or know more about life than them. I have heard people say that they believe we think we are better than others.

NEWSFLASH: We are not better than you. We do not think that, nor do we believe it.

Time and time again, we have stated the notion that we are works in progress. The concepts and ideas that we discuss are things that we are striving to improve or implement in our lives. Oftentimes, it is the thing we know we struggle with the most that we write about and share our thoughts on. We may know about a certain message, but the challenge presented to us and to others is in its application. We share not because we know it all, but because we want to help spread ideas and opinions that will make everyone (us included) better.

As people who generally know what the right thing to do is, we must work hard to make the correct choice when the opportunity presents itself. We can have all of the best intentions in the world, we can know all kinds of ways to do things, but eventually, we must deliver and follow through. This is the hard part because oftentimes, it requires more than coasting. It takes some effort on our part. It risks making us vulnerable to failure.

As people who generally know that other people know the right thing to do, we must work on giving them the benefit of the doubt. We must understand that they likely have good intentions, be patient in waiting on them to follow through, and try not to take things so personally. This is equally difficult because it exposes us to being duped. It takes a level of trust in others that we do not always want to have. It forces us to rely on things out of our control.

We do not have all of the answers, and even if we do, it does not mean that we are living those out 100% in our life. As we always say, we all have room for improvement. We all have the ability to be better. So, take all those things that you think you know about life and consider that a launching point to start learning more and actually doing more in your life. Because,

“It’s what you learn after you know it all that counts.” – John Wooden

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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