Daily Short-hOPT: Disappointment

“Just because something didn’t work out your way, or somebody disappointed you, that does not change who you are.” – Joel Osteen

If you’re like me, you like to look for the best in people. You want to believe in the genuine goodness of people, and you sometimes look past the bad stuff because you want the good stuff to come forth so badly. Unfortunately, sometimes people disappoint you. 

When this happens, it’s like a punch in the gut. You don’t see it coming. You don’t necessarily believe it, even when it’s staring you dead in the face. It’s just a bummer because you just know that the disappointment presented isn’t what you would have expected. 

Here’s the thing: we can’t control people. We can’t control people’s actions. Sometimes people are going to do things to disappoint you. Sometimes they make bad decisions, and sometimes their proclivities make bad decisions for them. Again, we can’t control this. 

We can control our emotions. We can control our reactions to disappointment, and we can control our actions post-disappointment. We can choose to be there for the offending party. We can choose to cut ties. We can choose to build walls to attempt to protect ourselves from future disappointment. We just have to remember: sometimes people let us down, but not all people are going to let us down. Even those that let us down previously aren’t always going to do so again. I propose that we remain positive and supportive. In order to really stave off cynicism and continue to see the good in people, we have to remain vulnerable and sometimes naive. I’m okay with that. 

I prefer that to the alternative.

Have an awesome Friday,



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