Daily Short-hOPT: Big Boy Day

“Do something awesome today.” 

About a half an hour ago, Amber and I took our 2 year old to the hospital. Today is Big Boy Day; the day when he lets go of his pacifiers and becomes a big boy. Amber called ahead to the nurse’s station in the birthing center at St. E to let them know our plan, and off we went. Judson was donating his pacifiers to all of the new babies who needed them. We were both pretty apprehensive. If you know our little man, you know his attachment to his “paci-fyahs” (our son has a New England accent for some reason). This is a big deal. 

Before I go any further, I want to commend the nurses at St. Elizabeth in Edgewood. They were awesome. Three of them came out to meet Judson, take his pacifiers, and tell him what a big boy he is. We are so grateful for their cooperation. They made this such a great experience. Judson turned his pacifiers over to them like a boss, and we were on our way.

My little man did something awesome today. He let go of a crutch. He stepped up and gave something important to him to help others. I could not possibly be more proud of him. (Honestly, I’m proud of Amber and I. I really thought we’d end up weeping like small children when he handed them over, but we both held it together well.) 

There are opportunities to do something awesome every day. It doesn’t have to be a huge thing. It can be helping someone in need. It can be giving something up that you’ve been trying to kick for a while. It can be volunteering. It can be setting and reaching goals. It can be as seemingly insignificant as smiling and saying hello to someone that appears to be struggling along. All are awesome things. Have your own Big Boy Day. 

Do something awesome today. 

Have an awesome Saturday,



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