The Scoop: When No One Is Looking

“If the whole world was blind, how many people would you impress?” – Boonaa Mohammed

It is easy to let our guard down when we come home. We have spent the entire day at work where we have been going non-stop since we arrived early in the morning. We fought rush hour traffic there and back. We barely even got to eat our lunch because someone scheduled one of those important meetings (link it) that was so essential for us to be there.

Now, there is dinner to make, kids to tend to (maybe not for some, like me), a house to clean, a to-do list to get accomplished, laundry is piling up, and the sleep we so desperately want seems like it may never happen.

So, what happens?

Well, our guard is down. This is the one place we are supposed to be able to relax, and now we are not able to. So, we snap, we yell, we get bitter, we become resentful.

We go out into the world with our families and these people talk about just how wonderful of a person we are. People say just how much we talk and say all these great things about our families. Then, those people, our families–the ones who love us more than anything the world, pause and think, “Really?”

Seen that scenario play out before? I have. I am fortunate that someone had the courage to say that “Really?” to my face.

You see, we all at some point in our lives fall into this trap in our lives. We put on all these appearances in public, yet behind closed doors, we treat the ones we love the exact opposite. The problem for many is that they never fall out of it. They remain that way.

Think about this scenario. We yell at our kids for something trivial (Note: I do not really have kids, but I just use this as an example. Add the word “friend or family” if you’d like), we cut them off, we are short with them, we ignore them or punish them, and we do not even think anything of it. Hell, we probably have no idea we are doing it.

Well, you have been called out. You have probably done it, you may even be doing it now. Take a watch or listen, begin some HONEST self-evaluation, and find out for yourself. It is time to call yourself out.

People love to act holier than thou or of high moral fiber when they think it can get them somewhere, or when someone will notice. What are we really accomplishing here?

In my opinion, we are straining relationships with those who genuinely love us and those we say that we love while trying to keep up appearances with those we think can get something for us.

Is this not a distorted view on things? Granted, we should strive to be a person of great integrity everywhere, but at the very least, we should be that for those we are constantly telling everyone we love.

The saying goes that true integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking.

We need to be better. Quit looking for the recognition and the praise for your good deeds. Quit living and acting two separate ways.

Stop right now. Just do the right thing and be the person of high moral character. In public, in private. All day, every day. Whether anyone notices or not.

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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