Daily Short-hOPT: 8 Mile!

“Trust your own instinct. Your mistakes might as well be your own, instead of somebody else’s.” – Billy Wilder

Have you ever seen the movie ‘8 Mile’? I love that movie. I’ll watch it every time it’s on. I get super pumped and start trying to freestyle and battle rap with my two year old. (He can’t beat me, by the way. My vocabulary is way more advanced, and he doesn’t understand lyrical structure. But, I digress.) The climax to the movie comes in the form of the biggest rap battle in town. Eminem, or rather B. Rabbit, is faced off against an impressive foe. Rabbit realizes that his adversary has so much dirt on him that he’s going to bury him under it. Then it hits him; if he owns all that and lays all of his cards on the table, he can’t be beaten. If he admits to being a bum that comes from meager means, it can’t be used against him. If he realizes and lays out all of his fears and insecurities, they can’t effectively be used against him. So he goes for it. And he wins. Of course he does.

We all have faults. We all have insecurities. We all make mistakes. Some of us hide them well, others wear them directly on their sleeves, but they’re there. The key is to realize them, know they exist and how they affect you emotionally. If you can admit that they exist, you can start to understand how and why they make you feel the way they make you feel. You don’t need to enter into a rap battle against the Free World to do this, either. (I wouldn’t advise that anyway. Papa Doc would school you quickly.)

In the interest of setting a proper example, here we go:

I’m short. Have been for a long time. Will continue to be. My hairline is what you could consider “nonexistent”. I’m overly sensitive, and I get my feelings hurt easily. I often have an inferiority complex; I have to regularly remind myself that I am competent and good enough. My best friend Cheddar Bob accidentally shot himself in the leg. (Okay, I may have stolen that last part. If you’ve never seen the movie, I apologize. That reference makes no sense to you.) There you have it. Your turn.

Your imperfections are yours. Own them. Make them work to your advantage or learn how to not let them deter you.

Lastly, everybody from the 313 put your hands up and follow me.

Have an awesome Thursday,




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