Daily Short-hOPT: Be Creative

“Make visible what, without you, might perhaps have never been seen.” – Robert Bresson

When I was a child, I had a stuffed rabbit that I cleverly named Bunny. Actually, I still have Bunny. Bunny has been to many of the same places that I have been and was present for some of my really cool moments (in his comfy confines of my mother’s bag).

One of the things I used to do was draw pictures of him. I had a folder of different drawings of Bunny as all kinds of different professions or personalities. There was Chef Bunny, Conductor Bunny, Football Bunny, Baseball Bunny, Artist Bunny, Teacher Bunny, Ninja Bunny (my personal favorite)…and well, you get the idea.

Back then, I was just a kid being a kid who enjoyed drawing pictures of his favorite stuffed animal. Now, I realize how beneficial that was for my creativity and exploration. I was constantly thinking of new ways and new avenues with which to create a new personality for Bunny.

As I sat in the ABCA coaches’ convention this morning before catching my ride to the airport, I listened to Coach Boretti from Columbia University speak about the need to be creative with our drills and practices to keep it fun and enjoyable for our players. Coaches are essentially dealing with a ton of the same information. We have mechanics, drills, equipment, and facilities that are more or less the same. Some obviously have more money than others, but generally, we are operating from the same pools of knowledge if we seek it out.

However, every coach does something different. No two college programs are exactly similar. No two high school programs are different. We run the same drills in different ways. We add our own wrinkles and extensions. We do something to make it our own. Some of these coaches are considered innovative.

As I listened to Coach Boretti talk, I kept thinking about a conversation I had with Mark last week about advertising, marketing, and promotional materials. We discussed how there are certain needs that everyone has, but beyond those needs, what are we doing to stand out?

We cannot be like everyone else because we are not them. We must take things and make them our own. Figure out what of theirs works for you and how it works for you. What sets YOU apart?

Too often, we get comfortable. We start to settle. We lose our energy and our passion because we do the same things over and over again. Shake it up. Rejuvenate. Recharge.

My challenge for you is this: Be creative. Try new things. Take some of this and some of that. Mix and match until you come up with your own plan, your own strategy, your own formula.

Work on your own development and develop your craft. Whether in business or sports or life, what are you doing to separate yourself? What are you doing to stand out and be different?

Take an idea and advice then figure out a way to expand, enhance, and build on it.

Strive to find more than one way to do the same thing. Ask one more question. Think about one more perspective.

The resources are out there for us to do whatever we want. It has already been invented and is waiting for us to discover it.

Go ahead. Explore. Create. Make it visible.

Bring your best today.

Love, Noah


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