The Scoop: Be Indispensable

I was watching the TV show, The Good Wife, a few months ago. In the show, some of the attorneys from the major law firm branch away from the firm to start their own practice. Because the new firm is a start up, the funds are not exactly rolling in at the start. In this particular episode, a few of the members are discussing the potential need to make some cuts. They decided that one of the places that the person to be cut would be the private investigator because she was essentially the lowest on the totem poll. The two discussing this option did not know that the person whose job they had essentially just axed was on the other side of the wall listening to everything. In a fit of desperation, the girl went back to the major firm and asked their private investigator, Kalinda, if she could have her job back or at least put in a good word for her since she was destined to lose hers. Kalinda told her that she wouldn’t be able to get her old job back, but offered her the following advice to help her keep her job:

“Make yourself indispensable.” – Kalinda, The Good Wife

And you know what…she did. She went above and beyond to solve the case of the new firm, and proved her worth. She did the work that no one else was willing to do, and she made herself indispensable.

What are you willing to do to set yourself apart? Are you willing to do the things that no else is doing? How can you make yourself indispensable?

There are always jobs that no one wants to do. There are always ways to get noticed and to become invaluable to your team. The way to do that is to make yourself available. Do the work dirty work. Do not be afraid to get your hands dirty.

As a teammate, think about it this way:

What can you do on your team that no one else can do? What are you willing to do that no one else will do? Find those jobs. Keep charts, chase foul balls, carry equipment, take care of the field, be the first to arrive and set up shop, be the last to leave and clean up, go at every drill 110%, always be the first to volunteer (FOR ANYTHING!!!), do the extra work, ask and do it all with a smile and while hustling. Don’t be lazy.

These are the things that other players will laugh at you for because they are not the ones willing to do them. But these are also the things that coaches love that can help set you apart. Not to mention, it makes you a great teammate.

My challenge to you today is this: Do the dirty work. Do the things no one else is willing to do. Take pride in those things. Make yourself indispensable.

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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