Daily Short-hOPT: Stand Up, Be Different

“The thing about the world is that it doesn’t always want to be changed. The world sometimes fights back.” – Dave Logan

Comfort is a popular buzz word. Everyone loves to be comfortable. Comfort foods, comfortable clothes, comfortable style of living, and the list goes on.

So when someone comes around and disrupts that, or makes us uncomfortable, we take notice, we get defensive, we speak out, we may even panic. In essence, we fight back.

Late Tuesday night/early Wednesday morning, I wrote about going to coffee with my good friend, Mark. Mark began asking me about our blog, and started sharing with me some really powerful ideas and resources that he had been exposed to in his own personal journey. As we talked, we delved into the idea that not everyone is receptive to ideas on positivity, optimism, motivation, and transformation. It makes them UNCOMFORTABLE.

Mark told me to “remember that I am Batman” (which will make sense if you take the time to watch this video where I conveniently picked up today’s quote and inspiration).

In relation to this blog, here what that means to me:

Aaron and I decided to write this blog because we wanted to make an impact. We wanted to reach people. We talked about how great these ideas were, but felt like we were only sharing them between each other. Instead of sitting around and hoping that these ideas trickled their way to our friends, colleagues, and really anyone else, we decided to be Batman, and share the ideas ourselves. Instead of hoping to be inspired, we started looking for inspiration. Instead of hoping or trying to remain positive, we chose to be that. Instead of feeling like we could not make a difference, we stood up and decided to be different.

One of the things that I have learned in the last two months of this blog and while trying to live out this lifestyle change myself is that being different is difficult. People will call you out, hold you accountable, make fun of you (to your face and/or behind your back), or just persist in negativity.

Another thing that I have discovered about myself is that I am perfectly cool with that. I read a message from Jon Gordon sometime in the past year that expressed the sentiment that our certainty in our beliefs, our vision, and our purpose must be stronger than everyone else’s doubt. When we start to believe the doubters, we open ourselves up to being misguided or misdirected.

I am privileged to be different. Everyone can be normal. Why is normal something we shoot for? Why do we want to be like everyone else? Have a vision. Stand apart. Be different. Be you.

When you believe wholeheartedly in your vision, people will fight back, people will ridicule, people will try to bring you down. Stay the course.

You may start alone. Seek to align yourself with those who share your vision.
You may, at times, feel defeated. Remember that you ARE Batman.
You may challenge perceived expectations. We are all capable of re-writing history!

The world WILL fight back. Are you prepared to be stand up to it and be different?

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah

P.S. Thanks for the reminder, Mark. I think I already knew.



2 thoughts on “Daily Short-hOPT: Stand Up, Be Different

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