The Scoop: Win Your Day!

“We aren’t here to pursue winning. We are here to build habits that always WIN.” – Benjamin Israel

I am an Oregon football fan. I will admit, they won me over with the infinite number of uniform combinations, the use of neon greens and electric yellows, and the general awesomeness of watching them play on Saturdays that seems to demand attention. I was always swooned by a mantra that I found on tshirts (which I own), shoes (which I also own), hats, jackets, etc. (which maybe I will one day own): WIN THE DAY.

Now, I am sure that the University of Oregon football is not the first school to use that mantra, nor was Chip Kelly and any of his successors. In fact, Lou Holtz wrote a book entitled, Winning Every Day. Rick Pitino wrote a book called, The One Day Contract, which centers around similar principles. Many, many coaches across the country talk about winning today, and some break it down even further into plays or innings or segments of games. However, for me, the marketing of those Ducks was where it really began to sink in and become prevalent.

We tend to get ahead of ourselves. When overloaded with information, we really get bogged down in how can I get from point A to point B. I have asked and been asked the question many times:

How do I do (insert life goal here)?

Some answers are more clear than others, but the truth of the matter is that I don’t know. I do know that the right approach is one day at a time.

Here is how I like to think I approach this:

Several months ago, I asked myself the question, What is a daily win? Then, I answered it. Basically, when you answer this question, think about your answer consisting of if I did this every day, then I would think, “Yeah, I definitely won today!” Write that answer down and place it somewhere that you will see it often so you are reminded of what a daily win is for you. Then, start trying to win your day.

There may be some revisions that take place as you go through this, but eventually, the idea becomes to continue stacking wins on a daily basis. The more wins you stack (assuming your daily win is aligned with solid values and principles), the more positive and fulfilling your life will start to become.

The other thing you can do is determine what constitutes a “daily win at home,” a “daily win at work,” a “daily win in your relationship,” etc., have fun with it, and make it your own.

We may not win every day. And that is ok. We may sometimes struggle to win every week. That is alright, too. The important thing is that we try, we learn, we grow, we improve.

Every day is an opportunity. What is a daily win for you? Find it, and go WIN YOUR DAY!

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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