Daily Short-hOPT: A Couple Things…

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine – and shadows will fall behind you.”
― Walt Whitman

During this time of year, stress and depression can set in on folks in a certainly unwanted fashion. For those that already suffer from stress and depression, the most wonderful time of the year often serves to pile on an already crappy state of mind. A lot of us have gifts to buy, food to prepare, places to be. I get it. Last year, my wife and I went 7 different places over 2 days. It becomes a little tough to maintain a positive and optimistic frame of mind when you’re being pulled in a billion different directions.

This is not the part where I tell you that there are thousands of homeless people in the world, so, suck it up, buttercup. But, I will suggest a couple things that may help keep your positivity and optimism to at least acceptable levels.

1 – Make a list. I actually did this a few weeks ago when I was having one of those days where the negativity was nearly unshakeable. I labeled my list, “Reasons Why Today Is Awesome”. I started the list in the morning and added to it throughout the day. First reason on my list; my wife, son and I woke up today. I ended up with about 50 items for that particular day. They don’t have to be over the top and super in depth. Listing that your sausage biscuit was delicious is a pretty solid addition to a list. Sounds corny, I know. Just try it.

2 – Do something for someone else. Say something nice to someone out of the blue. Compliment someone. Help someone carry groceries from the store to their car. Email someone out of the blue and tell them what they mean to you. Literally none of these things will cost you money, and literally all of these things will make you and the recipient feel awesome. I sincerely believe that one of the easiest ways to stop feeling badly about yourself and your station in life is to stop focusing solely on yourself and figure out what you can do for someone else. Make it happen. It’s worth it.

And, as I have suggested before, and likely will again, if all else fails, listen to some Bob.

Have an awesome Monday,




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