Daily Short-hOPT: An Early Morning Lesson

“The truth of the matter is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.” – H. Norman Schwarzkopf

And so begins the story of my morning, and how I learned re-learned a valuable lesson in accountability before the sun came up.

Since today is my last day of employment at my current job before I return to begin a career in higher education at my alma mater, I got to wake up before the sun and load up my car with some things I will need as I make the transition. Fortunately, I have a mother who is willing to get up early and help me without complaint or hesitation.

So, all of my boxes, baskets, and bags are packed up last night and ready to go. I have in my head the exact idea of how precisely this will all fit into my car. One problem…my way would not work!

Oh, well that is no issue either because the suggestion my mom just made sounds plausible, and I will just give that a try is what I should have said.

Instead, I had my mind made up that if it was not going to work my way, then it just was not going to work, and that bookshelf could just stay there. As more suggestions came in, my rolled eyes, impatience, and general frustration roared back in response. Then, it was time for the lesson…

Person 1: (paraphrasing, maybe) You should do a better job of living those tenets you write about.
Person 2: Don’t throw that in my face right now.
Person 1: I’m not throwing it in your face. I am calling you out on it. There’s a difference.

I will allow you to take one guess as to which person is which. But you know what? She was right. (Her packing suggestion also worked so she was right about that, too.)

You see, I had places to be, I had things to do, I was in a hurry. What did not seem to don on me until a little bit later was that she did not have to be there at all, but she was…willingly and happily.

Aaron and I have said many times that just because we write these messages, does not mean that we are poster-children for living them out. We simply try our best to be our best on a daily basis, and learn/grow from the times where we fall short. To learn and grow, you need to be accountable for the times you fall short. You need someone who will call you out, and hold you accountable to practice what you preach. Because even though we know what to do, the hardest part is doing it.

There is nothing more valuable than having someone there to bump you back on tract and tell you what you need to hear when you need to hear it. It is not always fun to hear and sounds an awful lot like something being thrown in your face, but those are the people who have nothing but your best interests at heart and are there to support you.

I got that support this morning by learning the hard way, yet I am grateful for receiving that lesson and reminder. I also got everything in my car, and I am grateful to my mom for that as well.

My advice for you today is this: Find some people in your life who will give you the tough advice, who will say what you need to hear not want to hear, and who will also support you without fail. I have a handful of these people in my life, and they are the greatest people I know.

Surround yourself with greatness, do the right thing, and be accountable when you don’t.

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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