The Scoop: Connect

“One secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Last December, I was in the midst of reading some really great books by Jon Gordon. I had just become exposed to his work and was quite taken with it. One book in particular really had a profound effect on my life this past year.

The title of that book is One Word That Will Change Your Life.

The book provides you with a challenge. The challenge is to focus your life down to one word by which to focus your entire year. It simplifies life and provides you with clarity and purpose as you go through the year.

The process to participating in this project is simple, and it involves only three steps.

1. Prepare Your Heart. This is where you take action to strategically disengage from the hectic pace of life and look inside. Eliminating noise and clutter properly prepares you for the work of the heart. We show you easy, practical ways to create some space and get ready for your One Word.

2. Discover Your Word. This step helps you ask simple questions to find your word. We believe that there is a word meant just for you, and we guide you on the pathway to discover it. You will learn the four key questions to ask that will reveal your word.

3. Live Your Word. This is the fun part. We help you experience your word and apply it to every area of life. This step will inspire you along the journey as you live your word with purpose and passion every day throughout the year.

My One Word for 2013 is CONNECT.

Now, I’ll be honest, I don’t know what I really expected of this. I wasn’t sure what how this would go.

However, I had committed myself to be connected to the life around me. I challenged myself to better connect with my family, my relationship, my friendships, and those around me. As it turns out, I could not have been more pleased with how things tuned out.

I had been worried about jobs and where I would end up prior to this year. But given my commitment to making this work, I decided to do what I could to make it work.

Well, let me tell you where I ended up this past year. I made more connections and developed more relationships this past year than I had in previous years. I made a post of making relationships matter more than I had before.

The benefit was that I began to recognize opportunity in things instead of just wishing it would happen. My meaning and purpose became centered around relationships and developing connections with people. I cannot begin to explain the opportunities that have been presented to me since.

I have met more people and had more opportunities made available to me because of my focus on my word, CONNECT. I even got a new job.

My challenge to you is to find your One Word. Take some quiet time and allow that word to come to you. once you receive your word, live it out. Make sure that your purpose and vision align with making that word a priority in your life.

Open up the world to possibility and welcome in the opportunity your One Word can create for you. Success will be right around the corner. Choosing your One Word will help you be ready for it.

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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