Great Coaches

Below are responses I received to my inquiry about great coaches. Thank you to all who participated. I appreciate it.

John Dunhoft – Yes Coach Roy Lucas Sr. he was my football coach at Lloyd and when my father and mother divorced I was on the fence on which side I should travel. He and Coach Goble took charge and made us walk the straight line and we ended up playing football and graduating from Lloyd High School. He was the first one there when my grandfather past away to comfort us and let us know he was there for us. He was that kind of person to all students and players. JD

Andrea Jeffers – Barbra Reeder… She was tough as nails, didn’t put up with a bunch of girls drama and demanded perfection! Looking back she was teaching us how to be a lady, everything from how to act in public to applying makeup properly:)

Brian Iles – Brian Sandlin…because he had really cool hair when I was a freshman…lol…oh…and he taught me a lot about how to position myself in the outfield to get the most out of my ability

Scott Schweitzer – Steve Hamilton…he always worked extra with us and made sure we had what we needed…he was the one coach I had that followed my career and made sure that I was always taken care of…at one point I was down and out and ready to hang it up and he flew my wife to come see me and gave her money to get me through the funk…Steve has not always made the best decisions in his life but always put us first!!!

Joe Jones – Buns (Kevin Bundy). He helped me stay focused

Noah Welte – Coach Jan Weisberg. He cared about me as a person more than a player. After I had my eye injury in high school and trying to get comfortable playing again, he took time during baseball camps at UK in the middle of his lunch break and after camp was over to help me readjust and figure things out. He really showed me the importance of being available as a coach to young people, which I will always remember and cherish.

Dave Meier – Krumps and Myerhoff – love them or hate them – I loved playing for both of them, back to back high school and summer seasons. They both took a chance on me after a huge knee injury, took extra time to teach me how to pitch when I could not catch anymore, and both of them – even though they have very different personalities – under that tough exterior really care for their players and go to battle for them. They are also very funny and personable – the coaches you love to play for but hate to be against. They also teach respect for the game, execution, fundamentals, teamwork, discipline and (yes Noah) the love of small ball to play with a lead and win with your pitching and defense. They’re a big reason a continued playing and wanted to coach. Be the first one there, the last one to leave and always leave it better than you found it!

Kevin Carothers – Rudy Tassini and Dick Wilmhoff. So many aspects of sports translate to life lessons. Hard work and attitude matter in both.

Michael O’Brien – Mike Yeagle. He got the most out of every player on the team at all times.

David Carroll – @ Michael O’Brien – wish he woulda been our coach longer. I knew the guy for a month and when my grandpa passed away he hugged me after practice and offered so many condolences to my family. He Made you wanna run through a brick wall for him.. Great guy!

Kyle Rohlman – Hands down Bob Myerhoff passion, game knowledge, discipline, player accountability and best of all…the “flop” play!!!

Rocio Flores-Walls – I know nothing about football, but I know alot about pain…passion and discipline…take a look at my football page Aaron, Josh and I have been blessed to have our boy play for some of the best in Boone county the past couple of years! 😉

Corey Siffel – Dean Paul at Thomas More. He got the most out of people even when they may not have had the most talent he made them great on and off the field. He demanded your best cause he gave his….he always said “MAKE IT A GREAT DAY!” He honestly lives that way…….. Great impact… lessons for sure.

Eric Rohlman – Bob Myerhoff for passing on the knowledge of the game, player accountability, and fundamental baseball. Don’t forget about the passion of Brian Sandlin either. Coach Mike Burns can’t be left off this list either. He demanded, and commanded respect on the field, locker room, and in the classroom. He’d let you know about it when he “tapped” you on the helmet with his championship ring.

Erin Pifer – Matt williams extremely positive, extremely respectful, didn’t put up with any ones bs no matter their ability. Knew how to push you without pushing your buttons. Plus built like a brick s**thouse and could still hammer out some mileage.

Brian Gunning – Barry Brown in my book. He taught us a lot of fundamentals first and made us perfect them some days we didnt pick up a ball just running bases and situations. He taught us sportsmanship and passion. I know a lot of people didnt like us beuase we yelled and screamed but that is what kept us going and made us a great team. He would also teach us that its more than just a game sometimes its about letting someone on the team that just needs to be part of something and to treat them with the same respect we wanted to get in return. I still use all the fundamental stuff he taught me to this day when I am umpiring. I know whats gonna happen what should happen and where I need to be to see things the best.


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