The Scoop: What Really Counts

“The things you do for yourself are gone when you are gone, but the things you do for others remain as your legacy.” – Kalu Ndukwe Kalu

Today, I was going to use this space to write about misdirected anger.  After hearing reports that Alabama senior kicker, Cade Foster, received death threats over the weekend because he missed a few field goals that may or may not have cost the Crimson Tide a spot in the BCS National Championship game, I felt sick.  After the umpteenth week in a row of hearing/reading people unmercifully bash a player’s performance on the team they root for and barrage opponents with profanity laced rants and insults disguised as “jokes” (poor ones) and “(bad) humor,” I had had enough.

Then, I read this about University of Georgia quarterback, Aaron Murray, and received a healthy dose of perspective.

None of that other stuff matters.

Missed FGs, made FGs, 109 yard TD returns after missed FGs, wins, losses, SEC Championships, National Championships, Heisman trophies, passer ratings, TDs, turnovers, completion percentage, passing yards, QBR, rivalries, playoffs, playoff wins, etc.

None of it.

If you insist it does, read the article again.  I’ll wait.

Sure, those statistics are great talking points for debate in the sports world.  There is nothing I love more than to take a few hours of free time, explore statistics of players on, and utilize those numbers to support arguments with my friends relating to Hall of Fame status or contract valuation.  However, when we start using those numbers as precursors to or in support of words such as terrible, awful, horrible, sucks, and countless others that I will not type here, the line has been crossed. 

Sending death threats, poisoning campus landmarks, and celebrating season ending injuries is one extreme of the hate committed by a small amount of individuals.  However, the day-to-day constant bashing, insult slinging, and ridicule toward people who play a game that in no way impacts your life has become more common place. 

Think that is what being a sports fan is about?  It is just passion, right?  Well, hate is hate, no matter how you try to hide or justify it.  Are we really becoming a nation that condones hate weeks prior to rivalry games, then encourages fighting on the field as “passion?”

“When your work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt.” – Henry J. Kaiser

Murray’s work does.  (This is where I encourage you for the third time to read the article I have already mentioned twice, if you still haven’t.) 

“The arm is firm, the mind is wise, the heart is a leader, but the soul has made a difference.” – Laura Whitaker, referring to Aaron Murray

Honestly, your hate makes a difference and says plenty about you, too.

Which legacy would you rather leave?

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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