The Scoop: Quiet Time

“Often the best gift you can give yourself is time alone–some time to ask your questions and listen quietly for answers.” – Katrina Mayer

I never used to be an early worm. That was my sister. She was always the one that would get me up early in high school so we could be there early. Countless mornings, my homeroom teacher would find me asleep against my locker as she came to unlock the classroom in the morning.

I preferred to sleep in and then do my work late into the evenings, which always made 6am baseball practices in college pretty fun.

But now, I am grateful that I have conditioned myself to become an early (well…earlier) riser. There is something special about the stillness and calmness of the morning, when the day has not yet received its wake up call, that I have come to cherish.

I get to work early. Usually before anyone has been there to turn on the lights. It is quiet. It is peaceful. It is serene. I take my coffee into my office, and just enjoy the sounds of nothing. It is when I do my best thinking–free of distraction and interruption. I get to talk to myself and to God, but most importantly, I get to listen for inspiration, motivation, assurances, and answers.

I feel like everyone should get to experience these moments on a daily basis.

The holiday season is full of hustle and bustle. Running from here to there has become the norm as shopping, cooking, mailing cards, decorating, etc. make their way onto our to-do lists. Don’t forget to leave some time for yourself. Carve out that extra time for yourself in the early morning or late at night.

It doesn’t matter if you are an early riser or a night owl. Perhaps, you can find that time in the middle of the day. Whenever it is, enjoy it and cherish it.

Those moments are the first ones we tend to sacrifice when the day gets busy and other tasks pile up. But they are often to most important. They keep us focused, keep us calm, keep us centered.

The world is busy. Make sure to take some time for yourself. It’ll be one of the best things you do all day.

Bring your best today.

Love, Noah


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