Happy Thanksgiving from Short-hOPTIMISM!

“Thank you.”

We are grateful for the gift of you. Because of your love and support, our vision has been seen over 2000 times. This only reinforces for us that a positive message will continue to be a beacon of hope for everyone. We are thankful for being able to spread that message and thankful for the outpouring of positive feedback and sources of inspiration in our lives. You are all truly a blessing.

As we take time away from writing today, we celebrate our families and friends and all those other people and things we are thankful for in our lives. Remember the feelings and emotions that you feel as you discuss the happy things in your life. Talking about good things makes you feel good. Aim to do that not just today, but every day. Share your gratitude with others.

Finally, thank you to our families for their unrelenting support of us in this endeavor and throughout our lives.

Our only Thanksgiving wish is for you also to share with us what you are thankful/grateful for and feel the waves of positive energy and happiness flow through you as you do.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

So share with us: What are you thankful/grateful for?

Have an awesome Thursday and bring your best.

Noah and Aaron


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