The Scoop: Rocco’s Attitude

“I know you can kind of make yourself feel happy, and you can make yourself feel sad. I just choose to make myself feel happy.” – Rocco Horvath

If you have a moment, check out this article by Gregg Doyel about AMA racer Rocco Horvath. 

Rocco Horvath was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident in 2012. The story is pretty incredible. Despite being given a negative diagnosis, he works tirelessly to realize his goal of being able to walk again. But, to me, that wasn’t even the coolest part of his story. Rocco is up against odds most of us have been fortunate to avoid, and yet, he has made the decision to be happy. 

How many people do we know that talk about how much they despise “drama”, yet there is constant drama in their lives and it is blatantly obvious that most of it is of their own making? How many people do we know that just seem hopelessly unhappy and destined to bring those around them along for the ride? 

We don’t have to go down that path. Happiness is a choice that is supported by a positive attitude. Please note, I know that life isn’t constantly filled with unicorns and cotton candy, and I’m not bringing up Rocco to say that if he can be happy, we can, too. I am simply trying to highlight that this individual has managed to maintain a supremely positive attitude in an otherwise rough situation. Certainly we can find room for happiness and positivity when our own set of circumstances are, in essence, pretty fantastic. 

Choose to make yourself feel happy. It’s got to feel better than the alternative, right? 

Have an awesome Wednesday,


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