The Scoop: Keep Your Word

“If you promise the moon, be able to deliver it.” – Byrd Baggett

Several years back, an individual made a promise to me. It was an unbelievably incredible gesture that I greatly appreciated. However, it turned out that is all it was…a nice gesture. I waited and waited, but delivery never came.

For a period of time, I was a little annoyed and frustrated. But in the time since, I processed and forgave while learning a valuable lesson: Your word means something. Don’t just pass it around to anyone.

Value it. Treasure it. Guard it.

For coaches, this is an important concept to learn.

As a young player, I was once promised a chance to earn a spot on a team. I accepted and when I arrived, I was informed out of the clear blue that the circumstances had changed. Things change, I was told.

The only thing that changed was the respect I had for that man. To many, he was a successful coach who won a few conference titles and made a few postseason tournaments. To me and a few others to whom he had promised the same things, he was a man who broke promises, a man who lacked integrity.

Do not make promises you cannot keep. Promises of playing time; promises that a player will make a certain team; pro uses that a player will be a starter; promises that a pitcher will pitch. But if you do make one, honor that promise without fail.

The quickest way to earn and keep the respect of others is to keep your word. When you say something, do it. When you commit to being somewhere, show up. When you make a promise, follow through. Be the coach your players can count on and trust.

Anyone can make a promise or a nice gesture, but hold yourself to a higher standard than that. Deliver.

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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