The Scoop: What Is All This Crap?

“What is all this crap you’re posting on Facebook and Twitter?” – People

An explanation:

Noah and I had been discussing coaching and what kind of coaches we aspired to be. We decided to take the ideas we had been talking about and put them out for people to read. Our goal was to address some issues and do what we could to spread a positive message to as many folks as we could. (Read our About post here for more details.)

The reaction to this blog has been exceptionally positive. I’ve had a lot of people compliment us on our work. On the flip side, I’ve had some people question what we’re doing, and that’s okay. 

Some people that know me fairly well have read some of the stuff I’ve written and seem a little weirded out by it. Just keep this in mind when you’re reading my posts: I don’t think I know everything nor do I believe I am better than anyone else. A lot of what I write are observations and ideas that I am trying to employ in my own life. I’m certainly not perfect. What I hope to accomplish is to provide a positive message and maybe a new way for people to consider things that maybe they haven’t before. From a personal perspective, I challenge myself to live up to the things that I’m putting in print. That’s it. 

Mostly, people just ask what I keep posting to Facebook and Twitter. Each day, Noah and I write a blog post that is usually inspired by a quote that we’ve found. You can access the post through the link provided on Facebook or Twitter, or you can go to and see all the posts there. You can also follow us on Twitter @short_hOPT. 

As of this writing, we have nearly 2,000 page views. Our blog has been seen by people in 7 countries (seriously). We’ve gained 100 followers on Twitter that range from high school kids and coaches to college coaches, authors and motivational speakers. This has happened in 24 days. I’m not saying this to boast. I’m saying it to say thank you. I’m saying this because it has become evident to us that people are interested and it drives us to keep going. All we ask is, if you read our posts, share them via social media, email or however you see fit. We appreciate it. 

Thank you again. This has been a really cool experience so far, and we look forward to keeping it going. 

Have an awesome Sunday, 


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