The Scoop: What’s Your Thing?

“Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” – Abraham Lincoln

“Daddy’s home!”

That’s my thing. 

That’s the thing I look forward to every single day. The most awesome little dude in the world greeting me with the most awesome little voice, exuberant at the mere fact that I’m home. That’s amazing, right? 

What’s your thing? 

At the end of your work or school day, what’s the thing that you can’t wait for? What’s the thing that makes that long day worth it? What’s the thing that makes a bad day a distant memory? 

Find it. 

Honest Abe’s lament about happiness is 100% correct. Likewise, in Noah’s post today, he wrote about how we allow external sources to make us feel. He is also correct in saying that we are completely in control of that. Happiness is a choice. I know way too many people that dwell so fully in the negative that they seemingly can’t find happiness except in misery. Instead, make up your mind. Allow yourself to be happy. 

Find your thing. 

Have an awesome Monday,


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