Daily Short-hOPT: Gratitude

“Showing gratitude is one of the simplest yet most powerful things humans can do for each other.” – Randy Pausch

With Thanksgiving in a couple weeks, people have already started talking about what they’re thankful for. I think that’s awesome. But I do think it’s a bit unfortunate that a lot of us only take the time to do this once a year. 

Think about something you’ve accomplished. Think about a time you made it through a rough patch in your life. 

Did you accomplish that feat completely on your own? 

Did you make it through that rough patch on your own? 

In general, we’re all pretty good about saying thank you for immediate things. Someone does something for you, you express your gratitude. But, big picture, do we always take the time to do that? Flip the role. You get an email, text or phone call from someone thanking you for something completely out of the blue. Imagine how that would make you feel. 

When Randy Pausch mentioned the quote above, he was dying of cancer. Faced with such a dire outcome, he recognized the value in thanking others. We shouldn’t need a momentous event, Thanksgiving or a terminal prognosis to make us realize the importance in commending those around us for the amazing impact they’ve had on our lives. 

Take the time to personally thank someone in your life that has made a difference in who or where you are. The feeling you’ll both get from the experience will be worth so much to both of you, and it will literally take you minutes to do. 

Lastly, consider this: there is also value in being thankful for those who have negatively impacted your life. I’m not suggesting you send them a thank you card, but maybe just think about what you’ve learned from the time they spent in your life. Sometimes the best lessons are learned through struggle.

Try to appreciate it for what it is. 

Have an awesome Sunday,


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