The Scoop: Crybabies

“There’s no crying in baseball!” – Jimmy Dugan, A League of Their Own

I’m an emotional guy. I can’t watch The Green Mile without tearing up, I refuse to watch Marley and Me ever again, and the footage of soldiers returning home to their families…forget about it. My son does something about once a week that makes me so proud I almost weep. Last night, Michigan State University and the University of Kentucky men’s basketball teams played a fantastic game. In his press conference, Coach John Calipari lamented that some of his guys cried in the locker room following the loss. I’ve personally witnessed many a tough guy reduced to years after a tough loss or after a loss that ends their high school athletic career. 

So, we’re all soft, right? Emotion is weakness, right? I’ve heard and read several disparaging comments today making fun of the Wildcats for crying after that loss. 

From a very young age, most men have been programmed to reserve emotion, show no fear and, above all, don’t cry. Why? Is this not a natural reaction to emotion? We should stifle our feelings to what? Show how tough we are? I present to you this argument: being able to outwardly show emotion is one of the toughest things you can do. It shows that you care. It shows your strength. It shows that you have invested in something enough to display how deeply important it is to you. 

If we wrapped up a baseball season and all eyes were dry, I’d honestly question how much the experience meant to our guys. Wouldn’t you? 

As a baseball coach I know that I’ll get the cursory “there’s no crying in baseball”…just look up some Baseball Hall of Fame acceptance speeches to see just how true that maxim is. 

Emotion is natural and healthy. Let it in. Let it out. It’s okay. 

Have an awesome Wednesday,


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