Daily Short-hOPT: Finding Purpose

“Sometimes I lay under the moon and thank God I’m breathing. And I pray, don’t take me soon ’cause I am here for a reason.” – Matisyahu from the song One Day

What’s your reason? What’s your purpose? Have you taken the time to consider it? 

I am of the firm belief that we are all, in fact, here for a reason. We all serve a purpose. Without getting into religious aspects of this belief, I think one of the great purposes we serve is the service of others. This doesn’t mean that you need to immediately run out and join a cause, charity or other helpful endeavor. In fact, you can do this without doing much other than changing your mindset. 

Here’s a challenge for you today: say hi to a stranger or ask how they’re doing. Reach out to someone that you haven’t spoken to in a while. Ask how someone else is doing and really listen by removing the “I” entirely from the conversation. Instead of engaging in gossip or tearing someone down behind their back, compliment someone or try to envision what their set of circumstances might be.

It’s quite possible your purpose is the service of others. Start there. It certainly can’t hurt. 

Have an awesome Saturday, 


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