The Scoop: Get to Work

“The size of your problems is nothing compared with your ability to solve them. By overestimating your problems you underestimate yourself.” – Unknown

Following Noah’s post from earlier today is like hitting after a guy who just dropped a 450 foot bomb. It feels a tad anti-climactic, you know? But, here goes.

My aim is to never hit anybody over the head with stories of how one person overcoming adversity should somehow diminish the trials of others. I am of the opinion that this only succeeds in invalidating people’s feelings. Rather, I hope to highlight the victories of others as an example of what can be accomplished through perseverance.
And, certainly we can admire the triumphs of others and use their experiences to gain perspective on our own. 

We all have obstacles. I think it’s important to acknowledge this. The circumstances of others appearing to be insurmountable does not make your circumstances small. People are dealt crappy hands all the time. How one rises to meet the challenges before them shows true character. So, as with anything, you have options. You can choose to allow your set of circumstances to beat you, or you can choose to meet those circumstances head on and persevere. 

Know that your abilities are superior to your hurdles, and get to work. Remind yourself that you have the ability to conquer…

…and then remind yourself again. 

Have an awesome Friday,


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