The Scoop: Overcoming Circumstance

A mere thirteen months ago, Chuck Pagano, head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, was diagnosed with leukemia. It would require six to eight weeks of treatment, which was supposed to sideline him from coaching for the rest of the football season.

I’m certain that this was a difficult time for the Pagano family and even the Indianapolis Colts family. But, Coach Pagano knew what lied ahead because he had a vision for his life. He wasn’t going to let this diagnosis get him down.

Just five weeks after his diagnosis (a year ago yesterday) and after a hard fought Colts victory, Coach Pagano was in the locker room after the game to deliver a message to his team. He said:

“Live in a vision, not in circumstance.” – Chuck Pagano

You see, Coach Pagano had a vision that he had two daughters he wanted to walk down the aisle and at whose weddings he was going to dance. In his eyes, the leukemia was already beat. He was a survivor from the start.

We all have circumstances. We all have things that life has given us that may not seem fair. We all have moments where we don’t think we can win.

That’s where it is important for us to become that man in the arena. Create a vision, fight the battles, give our best effort, and emerge on the other side. If we never believe we are beat, we can never lose.

Coach Pagano had a vision. He chose to live in that rather than dwell on the fact that he had been dealt a bad card in life. And you know what? Three months after his diagnosis, Coach Pagano was back on the sidelines, living his vision and overcoming his circumstances, well ahead of schedule.

Bring your best today!

Love, Noah


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